About H.A. Dunne: Sharing our Inheritance

Susie Dunne Berg and Jeffrey BergThe overarching theme of H.A. Dunne & Company, home of the H.A. Dunne Archive, is nostalgia. Nostalgia literally means an aching for home. What H.A. Dunne & Company offers is a chance to recapture through images and artifacts a piece of a home that's no longer there. The world moves on, but in a photo or map or illustration the world of the past has a permanence -- and often a greater authenticity than a history book or even memory can provide.


Our History

H.A. Dunne & Company draws its inspirations from its namesakes.  Hugh Dunne was a lifelong New Yorker, who had an enduring love for his city and a passion for collecting all things New York.  His ex-wife, Annamarie Dunne, is an artist who collects vintage advertising art and magazine covers as well as other ephemera.  Together they turned their passions into a business, selling vintage photos, antique advertising art, old maps, and other ephemera at a flea market on the Upper West Side.  When Hugh died, his daughter Susie inherited his collections.  She found herself in possession of over five thousand photo negatives of New York City, the majority dating from between 1880 and 1950, as well as a treasure trove of railroad and transit memorabilia, thousands of city planning maps (Bromleys), hundreds of nineteenth and early twentieth century atlases, and a library of antiquarian books.  Together with her husband, Jeff, Susie opened H.A. Dunne & Company.


Former New Yorkers themselves, Susie and Jeff understand how people feel about the city.  According to them, anyone who has ever lived for a significant length of time in New York feels that it becomes part of them, it's their city, they're members of an exclusive club.  It may not be their current home, but it is the home of their hearts.  They also understand the passion of the collector.  People collect things for their own idiosyncratic reasons, but they all share a common joy when they find a special image or artifact that fits into their collection, and H.A. Dunne & Company’s mission is to help them find that joy.