Ann Nyberg, Channel 8 News Anchor and "Annie Mame" blogger, visits H.A. Dunne & Co.

Last Thursday, H.A. Dunne & Co. had the great pleasure of having Ann Nyberg, Channel 8 News Anchor and blogger, visit us. Not only is Ann an interesting, talented person, she is very focused on promoting Connecticut small businesses. We spent an hour or so showing Ann some of our treasures, and she turned that into a great blog entry. We're very excited, and we hope as fans of H.A. Dunne you are too.

While she was here, Ann took some video of Susie and Jeff talking about the business.  In the first video, Susie talks about her father and his love for New York City.  In the second, Jeff describes the history behind the photo of the Fifth Avenue Traffic Tower.  In the third, Susie and Jeff discuss H.A. Dunne & Co.'s collection of World Trade Center photos.