Connecticut's H.A. Dunne & Co. Launches New Website Collection of Vintage New York Photos

Jeff Berg and Susie Dunne, husband and wife owners of a popular vintage and ephemera store, are proud to announce the launch of their websites featuring a collection of thousands of rarely-seen vintage New York City photos at

The photographs represent the collection of Susie Dunne’s father, H.A. Dunne, who spent a lifetime amassing glass-plate and old celluloid negatives of images of his beloved native New York. The images range from the late 1800s to the 1950s and feature everything from ordinary street scenes of daily life, to iconic buildings, many of them now lost to history.

“It’s a mix of portraits of people and buildings, shots of construction sites, aerial overviews, skylines,  iconic New York, and unknown New York," explains Dunne.

The photographs represent a glimpse into a forgotten world, a New York City where horses and carriages rumbled past women in full ankle length skirts and men in waistcoats and spats. The old pictures of New Yorkfeature shots from Ellis Island, Coney Island, street markets, the Twin Towers, the building of streetcar tracks, and countless other historical New York City images.

The website collection was launched in time for the holidays, making it easier to find the perfect, one of a kind vintage photograph gift for fans of old New York.

H.A. Dunne, who was a child actor on shows such as “Mr. Wizard” and “I Remember Mama”, and later worked for the MTA, left his extensive collection of thousands of images to his daughter.

Dunne and her husband decided that the best way to make these images available to everyone was to combine the old technology of glass-plate and film negatives with the new technology of the internet.

With, they have created a uniquely searchable, user friendly and interactive website.  Customers can browse the collection by category or by keyword, or search for pictures by location in an interactive map of the city.  Customers can also create their own tags for pictures, to make their search easier.

And on the site’s blog, Berg and Dunne discuss the history behind many of the images featured on the site, offering a glimpse into the daily life of New York City in bygone times.

They also offer far more personalized customer service than larger, commercial sites, and can deliver any photograph in the size and finish that a customer requests.

“You want to custom crop a photo? We’ll do that,” Dunne says. “You want it on canvas or aluminum? We’ll do that, too.  This is not just a website; there are people behind it, who  want to help you get exactly the photo you want."

More photographs are being uploaded daily.

Those seeking more information, wishing to browse the collection, or wanting to order unique prints which are not available anywhere else, may visit


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