Vintage NYC Photos & Much More

Welcome to H.A. Dunne & Company, home of the H.A. Dunne Archive — one of the most extensive and unique vintage NYC photo collections in the world. With just over 5,000 images, mostly photographed between 1880 – 1950, the H.A. Dunne Archive offers a nostalgic look into the history of New York City.
You can browse and search the H.A. Dunne Archive on our online store, at our Kent, Connecticut gallery, or at many shows, fairs, and markets throughout New York City. In addition to the H.A. Dunne Archive, we carry antique maps, advertising art, and other ephemera, as well as a number of gift items, including hand-crafted greeting cards, note cards, and much more.
This site welcomes those in the trade, such as art consultants and interior designers, as well as those interested in nostalgic art to decorate their offices and homes. We invite you to learn about our company here, shop the H.A. Dunne Archive on our online store, visit our Kent, Connecticut location, or call 860-927-0990 for a free consultation.